Create Your Successful Affiliate Marketing Business Model – 3 Critical Action Steps

Create Your Successful Affiliate Marketing Business Model – 3 Critical Action Steps

It’s so easy to get overwhelmed with all the information that is being thrown at us every day. Where do we start with our affiliate marketing business? What’s the first step we should take? Is there a road map we can follow for success?

There is definitely a model you can follow to help you put things into perspective. You CAN create your successful affiliate marketing business model taking 3 critical action steps:

  1. Build Your Audience
  2. Engage With Your Audience
  3. Sell To Your Audience

It’s important to understand that you must have a business model in place. Follow this simple 3-Step Formula to grow your traffic and get more leads, customers and sign-ups. This is the formula successful marketers use and missing one of the ingredients in your 3-Step formula can make the difference between success and failure.

We are constantly bombarded with so much information – information overload – that many times we develop paralysis of Confused? Create your successful affiliate marketing business modelanalysis. It’s like our brain freezes up and we no longer know what steps to take next.

We are pulled in so many directions we become confused. We begin to think, “Maybe this isn’t for me”.  So we give up on our dreams of quitting our jobs, working from home, traveling the world.

It’s sad isn’t it? The good news is, it doesn’t have to end that way for you. By using the affiliate marketing business model applying the 3 critical action steps, you can put this all into perspective. You just plug and play.

Let’s get clear on what we need to do so that we have a clear path to follow. Focus on these 3 actions every single day.

Action Step #1: Build Your Audience

Your audience is the key to your success. This is how your online business will continue to grow. You must constantly be focused on building your audience every single day. How big is your audience?

What does your audience look like? Some examples are: Build Your Audience

  • Your Blog Subscribers
  • Your Email List
  • Facebook Fanpage Likes and Followers
  • Youtube Subscribers
  • Pinterest Followers

These will turn into your leads, your raving fans, your customers and sign-ups.

My recommendation to you is to choose 2 platforms to focus on at first in addition to your email list of subscribers. Once you start getting followers and leads from those platforms then you can expand. Otherwise, you’ll spread yourself too thin, become overwhelmed and possibly quit.

Just to give you an example, my focus is at this time on blogging, my FB profile and my email list.

Action Step #2: Engage Your Audience

When you engage with your audience, your Focus is on Relationship Building. You’ve built your audience and now you’re developing the know, like and trust factor with them. This is of utmost importance to creating your successful affiliate marketing business model.

It’s not about throwing your links everywhere and crossing your fingers hoping to make sales. That’s called pitching and spamming.

It’s about getting to know your audience, what they like, what they want, and earning their trust.

How do you engage with your audience? By creating valuable content that serves your target audience and makes them want to connect and engage with you.

What kind of content am I talking about? Connect With Your Audience

  • Blog Posts
  • Social Media Posts
  • Videos
  • Emails
  • Reviews
  • Case Studies

You engage by interacting with people who interact with you, by following people who follow you, by connecting with people in your target audience and engaging with their content on the platforms you are building.

As a blogger what does this look like? You create valuable content your readers will love to read, who comment on your blog about your post and you engage with them on your blog through conversation by replying back. Then, when your content is shared on social media, you again engage with those who leave comments, like and share your post.

On Facebook you can share your blog posts, share text posts, quote images and do FB Lives.

Then you must do the things you want your audience to do. You need to like and comment on their content and engage with their posts. This is how you can leverage the power of social media and engage with hundreds of people.

Eventually, you become a familiar face and name from connecting and engaging online regularly. People get to know you.

As you like, share and comment and participate on social media, other people become drawn to you, wonder what it is your doing, what business you’re in, what products you sell. This is called Attraction Marketing and is part of the Build – Engage – Sell 3-step formula.

You should also give your audience a simple Call To Action to engage. Ask people to like, share and comment on your content.

Action Step #3: Sell To Your Audience Sell To Your Audience

This is the fun part. This is where you start earning some money and building your successful affiliate marketing business.

You’ve built your audience by writing valuable content that serves your target audience, you’ve engaged with your audience, created relationships and built on the know, like and trust factor. You’ve developed your fans and have become trust-worthy.

Because you have earned their trust, you now are able to recommend products and services to your audience. Your audience begins to click on your links and buy your products and services based on your referrals. You begin to position yourself as an authority and your business begins to scale up.

Bonus: The Greatest Influence Trigger – Reciprocity

This is a Bonus Tip I wanted to add here as I thought it was fitting with our post.

What is reciprocity? Reciprocity is the human need and tendency to want to give something back when something is received. Reciprocity - give to get

Reciprocity happens when you get really good at providing great content, solutions and over-delivering. Your requests, then, make them much more likely to return the favor.

The principle of reciprocity is a powerful tool when building and engaging your audience. We have to learn to give before we can get so offer something first.

Content marketing is one of the best reciprocity strategies. Why? Because you are giving away value for FREE through your blog posts.

When your audience is able to get results from your articles, they become grateful and are more willing to leave their email address for future articles. This is in turn helps you build your audience and engage with them as you build your email list of subscribers.

Focus On Your 3 Critical Action Steps Daily

These are the 3 critical action steps you must take every day in order to create your successful affiliate marketing business model. By referring to this business model you will always stay on track. You will know exactly what step to take next.

If you ever get side-tracked or feel lost, you simply refer back to your business model of Build – Engage – Sell.

Provide value to your audience, build relationships, gain trust, and build rapport and then you will have an increasing flow of customers and your business will grow.

Remember the principle of reciprocity and always be willing to give first in order to earn your audience’s trust and their business.

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Do you think this is a business model you can apply to your affiliate marketing business? Are you ready to take action on these 3 steps? If you have any questions or comments, place them in the comments section and I’ll happily reply.





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