How To Create Content For A Blog – 5 Methods That Sell

How To Create Content For A Blog – 5 Methods That Sell

Have you ever stayed awake at night thinking about starting your own blog? Do you ever ask yourself if you could actually earn money affiliate marketing through your own blog site? Are you stumped by how to create content for a blog? Is that the one factor that stops you from starting your own blog site?

For many people it is. I know it did for me. I wasted a few years not doing this out of fear of not knowing what to write about or how to create content. So, hopefully I can encourage you to give it a try, if this is something you’ve been thinking about doing.

It’s no secret that bloggers and affiliate marketers actually can quit their jobs, be their own boss and travel the world any time they choose. Why? Because they have Time Freedom and Financial Freedom. You simply take your laptop with you to Starbucks while you sip on a Latte. Or you sit on the beach and enjoy the sound of the waves, the crisp, cool breeze and the warm sun as you write for your blog.

Content Creation: Who Are You Writing For?

Writing content is all about creating a relationship with your readers by empowering and educating them through your content. But before you begin to write, it’s important to have an idea of who your audience is. Who specifically are you writing for? What message do you want to convey? What is your audience looking for that you can help with your content? Laptop Lifestyle

As an example, my site is for newbies wanting to escape the rat race, quit their jobs and live the laptop lifestyle traveling the world through affiliate marketing and blogging.

Knowing this information firsthand allows you to write content with them in mind. It acts as a guide and directs how you write and what you say in your content.

Once you’ve proven that you can help solve your reader’s problems, you earn their trust and become their ‘go to’ source of information. Here I’ll give you 5 methods you can use to consistently write content for your website.

Content Creation Method 1: Profiles

Definition: a summary or analysis of a specific item.

The 2 basic kinds of profiles I’d like to mention are:

  • The Case Study Example
  • The Featured Resource

The Case Study Example: This type of profile is simply an example of someone or something explaining the usage of a product or service and the results. The Case Study

When writing a case study example, you might explain what steps someone took to achieve a desirable outcome. You explain how this person used a product that you are promoting and the ultimate benefit they received as a result of using this product.
You can use someone as an example or it can even be YOU; your results of using a particular product.

This type of content focuses more on the end user and their experience as opposed to providing details about the product itself.

The Featured Resource: This type of profile simply points toward a product or service as a recommended resource when explaining a process or making suggestions.

Some examples of these are:

  • Writing a blog post entitled “5 Things I Use To Lose Weight Monthly” and then you simply mention the 5 different things you use along with a quick description of them.
  • You could write a blog post entitled “3 Ways To Make Money With Autoresponders”, mention the 3 ways with a description and then promote your favorite autoresponder service at the end of the post.

Content Creation Method 2: Article Writing

An ARTICLE ideally provides useful information, about a product or service, to the reader while at the same time generating interest in them so they check out the resource you plug in at the end of the article. Create Content For A Blog

TIP: An option you can use when you’re short on time is Private Label Rights, AKA PLR. There are PLR clubs you can join to get existing articles you can use that require minor tweaking.

You can also buy PLR “packs” of articles on a specific topic. I recommend checking the terms of service before you order to see if you can post them exactly as they are or if you will need to make changes on them prior to using.

You can do a Google search for “PLR articles” for several options. You can also get specific to your niche by searching for “Niche PLR articles” where “niche” is replaced by your topic. An example would be “Weight Loss PLR articles”.

PRO TIP: I recommend NEVER publishing PLR articles as is. My suggestion is to edit them or use them as a guide to writing your own article. This will make it more unique to you.

Content Creation Method 3: Reviews

Definition: A review is simply an overview of the product that points out the pros and cons. You may also include your experience with the product.

This is one of the most popular ways to promote a product or service in a blog post. Writing Reviews To Create Content For A Blog

Some components you can use when writing a review are:

  • OVERVIEW: The website URL, owners of the product, what’s their expertise, what the product is about. What’s included in the product or service?
  • RESULTS: What happened when you used it? What specific benefits did you receive?
  • PROS: What are the specific “pros” of the product or service? What things wowed you? What components did you find useful? Were there any “extras” or “bonuses” that added value?
  • CONS: Could something have been better? Was there anything missing you would’ve found useful? What are the “cons” of the product or service?
  • SOLUTION: What problem will this product or service solve for your audience? How will it help? Does this product deliver?

When you have created the know, like and trust factor with your audience, they will value your opinion. People put much more weight on a trusted friend or person’s opinion over advertisement claims and many times read reviews to see what others are saying about a specific product or service before making a purchase.

PRO TIP: Always be with integrity, honest and unbiased. The most important thing is to provide VALUE and to continue the trust given to you by your readers. You want them coming back for more information. You want to appeal to them as a trusted source and a beneficial aspect of that is your audience sharing your posts. This is of much greater value than simply trying to make a sale. The main thing is to be honest, write from YOUR point of view, and emphasize the benefits to the reader in solving their problem.

For an example of a review you can check out my other posts on Wealthy Affiliate Review or my Jaaxy Review.

HINT: Wealthy Affiliate will train you on how to write content as well as provide you with some templates you can use to help rank your content on Google.

Content Creation Method 4: Tips Content Writing Tips And Tricks

Tips are simply short, useful pieces of information. These can be ideas, methods, suggestions, solutions, aids, steps, details to name a few.

People LOVE tips. This is the reason most magazines have “5 Ways To XYZ” and “Top 3 Ways To XYZ” on their covers month after month. People are automatically drawn to these.  This magazine is one example of that.  See where the arrow is pointing?  5 Moves For A Massive Chest

Magazine using tips as an example to create content for a blog

Tips are also easy to write and easily point towards a product or service.

PRO TIP: You can get easy access to tips by extracting content from a PLR article and simply writing one point. You can also answer a subscriber’s question to use that as a tip for your audience.

Content Creation Method 5: Stories

Stories of other people or personal stories are extremely popular. This helps people relate to you.

  • Tell about your life and how it relates to an offer Tell Stories To Create Content For A Blog
  • Tell about your experiences and results of how a product or service being promoted changed your life. This is great for relationship marketing. People love to get to know YOU because they love to feel connected. People love shared experiences, community and camaraderie.


PRO TIP: You have to be relatable. You want people to be able to put themselves in your shoes, to know how it feels, and if you can be successful so can they.

Are You Ready To Create Content?

Knowing your audience to prepare your content based on your readers needs is the first step to create content for your blog. Here you learned 5 methods you can use to get your creative juices going. Use these methods to reach your audience, educate and empower them.

I want you to know you don’t have to try this alone.

What if I told you I have access to the perfect training platform that will take anyone from a newbie to a professional blogger and affiliate marketer? Man how I wish I would’ve found this sooner. This training truly delivers. You can be set up and ready to start writing content in 30 seconds and receive all the training you need to be successful under ONE platform.

With Wealthy Affiliate University, you have the training platform, the tools and all the support from mentoring community you’ll need to create your successful blog online.

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Can you see yourself starting your own blog, quitting your job and traveling the world living the laptop lifestyle? Can you see how easy it can be to create your own blog and write content that your audience wants to read?

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them and reach out to me in the comments section. I’d love to hear about your goals.






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