How To Promote Products Online

How To Promote Products Online

Have you been thinking about becoming an affiliate marketer but not sure how to promote products online? It actually is pretty easy to do if you understand how to do it correctly.

The problem is so many people want instant gratification and actually expect to see money rolling in from day one. To be quite honest with you, that’s not possible to do and even if you manage to make a couple of sales, you won’t be consistently earning money online which you will find frustrating and possibly quit altogether. I almost did until I found a training platform that teaches you step-by-step how to successfully become an affiliate marketer.

So why not learn how to be an affiliate marketer the right way, creating a solid, strong foundation for your online business so that can you learn how to make money on a daily basis and then scale that income up? Learn the most effective way to promote products online so that you can be your own boss and work from home.

Your Own Website – First Step Towards Your Success

The first thing you want to do is pick a niche, pick your domain name, which is your website name, and create your own website. I won’t go into detail here on how to do this as I’ve written other articles on exactly step-by-step how to Your Own Website To Promote Products Onlinecomplete this process. You can go here to read about how to build a website for free.

You can search the internet for a good price on websites or free websites or you can take a look at what I’ll be recommending here. Now with my recommendation, you have two options: you can create a FREE website or you can choose the Premium member option.

Having a website is really important because it is your online storefront. This is where people will come to get to know you and will allow you to develop a relationship with your audience.

Have you ever heard of the know, like and trust factor? Well this is how you effectively develop that factor. As you are creating relationships with your community through your content and social media, people begin to trust you, your content and your opinion of the products you are promoting. This is KEY.  People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. This is a people business and you are dealing with REAL people.

Simply selling is not effective. How many times have you been taught to just throw your links all over FB and social media? Lots, I should know. I did that more times than I’d like to admit. But this is the reason why I’m writing this post for you. It’s time to learn how to be an effective Affiliate Marketer and having your own website is the first step towards your success. You can get one set up in 30 seconds and I’ll reveal how you can do this shortly.

Content is KING

Once you have your website up and ready to go, you want to begin writing content or reviews based on programs you join or products you want to promote or sale. You’re simply shaping a message that generates an enthusiastic response from your audience. Content is King when promoting products online

This is how you learn to drive massive traffic to your website that will allow you to earn a lucrative income. You have all the potential in the world to earn revenue online once you have relevant traffic.

Don’t let me lose you here. My recommended training will take you through the process of beginner affiliate marketer to advanced, professional marketer.

Sounds exciting doesn’t it? Honestly, I’m so glad I came across this training myself and ever since that day I’ve become a strong advocate for people like YOU looking for REAL information rather than unfulfilled promises of training that does nothing but empty your wallet.

Look For Affiliate Programs To Promote

The third step is to begin looking for relevant affiliate programs. As an affiliate marketer you are allowed to sale products and services online for companies for a commission. There are thousands of them out there. If you can buy it, chances are you can promote it online as an affiliate through their program.

Look For Affiliate Programs To Promote When you join an affiliate program, you are given a special link you put in your website to promote their products.  You place your special affiliate link provided to you on your website within your content and when someone is on your website and clicks on that link, you will get full credit for the sale if this person buys something.

Your website is the starting point for your affiliate promotions and is the reason I mentioned earlier it is so important to have a website.

As a matter of fact, many affiliate companies will not accept you as an affiliate to promote their products without a website. So you can see that you are actually limited without a website.

Affiliate Networks and Independent Affiliate Programs

There are 2 types of programs you can join: Affiliate Networks and Independent Affiliate Programs.

The first is Affiliate Networks which means a network that has a collection of affiliate programs that you can join through one centralized hub. This is convenient because it allows you the opportunity to join many different programs at the same time and receive one payment.

Some examples of these are:

The second type are Independent Affiliate Programs. An example of an independent affiliate program is Wealthy Affiliate University. It manages everything from the tracking, to the stats, the resources and tools such as your affiliate link and banners to display on your website as well as your affiliate payments. Most Independent Affiliate Programs provide this for you to give you the best opportunity for success.

How To Search For Affiliate Programs

I’m going to give you an example of how to search for affiliate programs that are relevant to your niche.  Let’s say your niche is based on Health and Fitness. To find an affiliate program, you will do a Google search for:

Health and Fitness + Affiliate Programs

Google will then find you relevant information on health and fitness affiliate programs. These are some results:

How To Search For Affiliate Programs To Promote Online

My #1 Recommended Affiliate Program

My #1 recommended affiliate program is Wealthy Affiliate University.  This was the program earlier mentioned which provides you with a FREE option or a Premium option.   This amazing money-making affiliate marketing training is ONLY $49 a month and provides you with a website and all the tools you need to create a successful online business.

You’ll receive the Online Entrepreneurial Certification Course and The Affiliate Bootcamp Course along with 300 training videos providing you with the exact education you need right at your fingertips. Premium membership also includes a caring, supportive community that helps you and mentors you every step of the way to help you along your journey.

What’s really great about Wealthy Affiliate is that it is a membership site. Membership sites are the most effective because you get paid every month for doing the work once. When someone signs up through your link, you continue to get paid as long as they stay a member. Earn Money From Your Laptop Promoting Products Online

People are blown away with all that Wealthy Affiliate offers and stay because of the training, tools and the support.

I’m going to use my membership with the program as an example. First of all an affiliate link identifies YOU as the referrer to the product. This tells the company that you are the affiliate who referred the person to their site. If someone joins, you get the credit.

You will always have a section in the program where you can get your affiliate promo link and other promotional materials such as banners that you can use to place on your website and advertise in other areas.

To get my link, I will go to the $ WA Affiliate Program tab on the left side bar and click on that.

Tab To Get Affiliate Link

You will notice at the very top of the page there is a link called Your Affiliate Link

Your Affiliate Link to Promote Products Online

This link is unique to you and allows Wealthy Affiliate to track your sales and give you credit for all your referrals.

Then click the link button.

When this pops up you insert your affiliate link into the URL tab. I recommend clicking on open window so that they don’t leave your site, rather it opens up on another tab on your browser. Then click INSERT and your link is inserted so that when a person clicks on it, they are taken to your site and the company recognizes they were referred by you.

Place Your Affiliate Link Here and Update

Go ahead and click on the link here so that you can see this in action.

This is the process you use to promote products online. It isn’t difficult once you understand the process. As a quick reminder, you first find your niche, choose your domain and create your website. You then create your content to establish a relationship with your audience and to have a place to promote your products through your affiliate link.

At this point you choose your affiliate programs. My suggestion is to apply for both affiliate networks and independent affiliate programs as this diversifies your opportunity for increased income. I also showed you how to search for affiliate programs and gave you an example of how to place a link in your website using my Wealthy Affiliate membership.

If you feel this is training that would benefit you and would love more information on Wealthy Affiliate University, there is a FREE Starter option you can use to join and get access to some FREE training. This will allow you to check out the training and see all that it has to offer and whether it’s a good fit for you and your goals.

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Do you now understand the process to promote products online? Do you think this is something you would love to learn to do to earn money on your laptop from home? Are you ready to be your own boss? What are your areas of interest? I’d love to hear about them. If you have any questions or comments please leave them in the comments section as I’m always more than happy to respond.



4 Comments to “How To Promote Products Online”

  1. Good read, nice and concise explanation of affiliate marketing. What do you think about Amazon’s program?

    1. Ruby Cantu says:

      Thank you so much. I think Amazon’s program is really a great place to earn some extra money and grow your income. Like everything else, it’s about starting off and building a strong foundation you can grow on.

  2. Agnes says:

    I love the way you explained the process in this post Ruby, very easy to understand for those who are new to the idea of Affiliate Marketing. And being a member of Wealthy Affiliate myself, I totally vouch for all of it. It’s a great program to get yourself up and running with your on-line business. Your website is done very well. Congrats!!!

    1. Ruby Cantu says:

      Thanks Agnes, I appreciate the comments. Anybody who focus’s on getting results and following a proven system can begin to see success. Wealthy Affiliate is the best training platform I’ve come across. Nothing else out there compares to the training, tools and mentoring community.

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