What Is The Best Online Website Builder – SiteRubix Is Your Go-To

What Is The Best Online Website Builder – SiteRubix Is Your Go-To

Have you been dreaming of starting an online business and not sure how to get started? Have you been dreaming about making extra money to supplement your income and not sure how? Maybe you want to leave your 9 – 5 and travel the world and work from your laptop. If so, I’m glad you found this post. Keep reading and see how easy it is to get started.

You must be searching online for what is the best online website builder. In my honest opinion, I’d have to say SiteRubix is your go-to site.

SiteRubix takes your website building experience to a whole other level that equips you with the potential to create your successful online business.Click To Tweet

Once you have your website up and running you can go through the step-by-step training courses which will allow you to take your online business to the next level.

It is the most technologically advanced, yet simplistic website builder in the world. It’s perfect for beginners and those who don’t consider themselves Tech Savvy, as myself, as well as for the advanced and experienced marketer. So easy in fact, it literally takes 4 steps and less than 60 seconds to create and your website is officially up and running.

What Is The Best Online Website Builder – SiteRubix Is Your Go-To

In fact, you can start off by creating 2 FREE websites with SiteRubix if you’re looking for a FREE option.

However, as a Premium Member you can build and host up to 25 FREE websites and 25 sites on your own domains totaling 50 websites.

I won’t go into detail here on to how to create your website as I already wrote a post about that. What I want to do here is highlight the benefits and features SiteRubix has to offer so that you can be fully informed and make a decision that is best for you and your needs if starting an online business is what you want to do.

There are many website features within the SiteRubix menu so let’s review what these components are:

SiteManager – Access Your Websites and Site Health

What Is The Best Online Website Builder – SiteRubix Is Your Go-To

Do you see the arrow pointing to the blue Log In button?  This is where you go to login to your website.

The red square box that reads Yes Google Index informs you if your site is indexed in Google.

You can also check your Site Health. You can see your stats and what you might need to improve on. You can see this on the picture below.

Ultimately you want it all to be at 100% as this will ensure you have the best chances of indexing, ranking, and acquiring traffic through Google, Yahoo and Bing as well as other major search engine sights.

Why is this important? Because traffic is how you earn money.

More Traffic = More Money.

As you can see, here you are given a breakdown of your websites health.

What Is The Best Online Website Builder – SiteRubix Is Your Go-To

SiteBuilder – Choose Your Website You Want To Build

Choose your website you want to build using What Is The Best Online Website Builder – SiteRubix Is Your Go-To
Here you have 3 options:

  • Option 1: On A Free Domain
  • Option 2: On A Domain I Own
  • Option 3: Register A Domain

With Option 1, you can use SiteRubix Free. 

Option 2 allows you to use a Domain Name you currently own and can easily transfer your domain to this SiteRubix as well.

Option 3, you can purchase your Domain Name and create your site.

Also, if you are using the FREE site and later decide to upgrade to Premium Member, you can move your Free Site using the Move Feature Button that will easily do this for you.

SiteDomains – Find, Register, Manage Your Domains

What Is The Best Online Website Builder – SiteRubix Is Your Go-To

Using Domains Registered at WA, in the red rectangle box, is where you can search to see if a domain name is available for purchase.

Under Transfer Domains To WA, you can transfer an already purchased domain and port it to SiteRubix.

On the picture above, you can see what that looks like. You can register a .com, .net or .org domain at Wealthy Affiliate for $13.99 – $15.99 per year with no additional charges if you choose to go with Premium. This is far less than what you pay at GoDaddy which continues to upsell you when you purchase a domain.

What Is The Best Online Website Builder – SiteRubix Is Your Go-To

 SiteContent – The Ultimate Writing Platform

Writing content using this platform is so easy and fun. I really can’t imagine accomplishing anywhere else what I’m able to accomplish here efficiently. It really is more than a pleasant experience.

What Is The Best Online Website Builder – SiteRubix Is Your Go-To

As you can see from the picture with the red borders, your stats show you:

  • how many words you’ve written
  • how many articles you published
  • if your content is indexed in Google
  • and you can click on create new to start writing a new post.

At the top of the page your writing stat allows you to see how many words you’ve written.

You also have the capability to create a word count goal or article publishing goal so that you can make sure you are accomplishing the goals you set for yourself in creating your successful online business.

There’s also a section where you can use preset templates that are ready for you and increase your potential to get indexed and/or ranked in Google. There are currently 4 templates available for you to start while also having the availability to create your own templates.

You can either click on the Templates button or you can click on Create New where you will begin to write your content or reviews.  It literally is just a click of a button which will then take you to the site editor where you begin your writing.

When you are done with your writing, you simply click on the green Publish button and your content is automatically published on your site.

What Is The Best Online Website Builder – SiteRubix Is Your Go-To

One other really cool perk is Autosave.  This continues to automatically save your content as you’re writing so you have peace of mind knowing your content is safe no matter what happens.  You can see the red arrow pointing to it.

What Is The Best Online Website Builder – SiteRubix Is Your Go-To


This is an engagement platform where you receive quality, relevant engagement on your website content which also helps with rankings.

SiteFeedback – The Good And The Bad

This feature allows you to request feedback for your site where you can receive constructive criticism on What Is The Best Online Website Builder – SiteRubix Is Your Go-Towhere you can improve whether it is your website in general or your content.  You determine where the feedback is focused.

This feedback is from a variety of people including those that are advanced and experienced marketers. This is a great feature because you’re not left wondering whether you’re doing something right. You are guided and directed on areas of improvement as well as where you are excelling and doing great things with your website and content.

SiteSupport – Speedy And Efficient Response 24/7What Is The Best Online Website Builder – SiteRubix Is Your Go-To

If you ever happen to run across any technical issues or maybe have questions in regard to any element on your site, you will receive efficient and prompt response with SiteSupport 24/7. You can expect a response within minutes.


There are over 45,000 plugins you can use. With SiteRubix you receive two plugins that you install with just a click of a button:

  • All in One Seo Pack – helps with custom posts, blogs, ecommerce sites, business sites and much more.
  • Ewww Image Optimizer – reduces file sizes for images within WordPress which helps your sight work efficiently and helps with the speed of your site.  This is really important because it helps with rankings. This is included in both FREE and Premium members.

SiteRubix – Hosting

With Wealthy Affiliate you receive a secure, speedy and robust platform to run your website.

What Is The Best Online Website Builder – SiteRubix Is Your Go-To

Extra Features

These are additional site enhancement features offered only through SiteRubix and for Premium members:

  • SiteSpeedallows your site to run faster than any other hosting technology in the industry and helps with better rankings, better engagement and better customer user experience.
  • SiteSSL (HTTPS) – Encryption that keeps your visitor data safe and is favored by search engines. This is included with your SiteRubix platform FREE for all your domains while other hosting companies can charge more than $359 a year to protect 1 site.
  • SiteProtectProtects your site from spam blockers, spam comments and helps prevent hackers from your site as well as malicious activity that all websites are susceptible to. SiteProtect is for FREE members and Premium members.

So How Much Does SiteRubix Cost?

FREE for Starter Member:  $0 (JOIN)Free Account

To set up your Free SiteRubix website, no credit card is needed.

You can create up to 2 FREE websites. You are also provided with 10 Lessons of Free Training helping guide you in getting your websites up and running.

If you choose to upgrade so that all the features are added, you can create a Premium membership where you receive hosting for up to 50 websites. This is Free to allow you to tinker with SiteRubix and experience its efficiency, effectiveness, ease and speed.


With Premium membership you receive training of over 300 videos that will take you step-by-step from a beginner marketer to advanced. You are provided with all the training, education and tools needed for your success as well as a caring and mentorship community that truly wants you to succeed and is there to help you instantly.

All this for $49 dollars a month and no upsells. Where else will you find this kind of training and support along with the ability to create state-of-the-art websites for your online marketing business.

My Advice

SiteRubix truly is the ultimate platform and the best online website builder packed with extra features you will not find anywhere else. Your website should be built on a solid foundation to ensure your success and SiteRubix is the perfect platform to build it on.Click To Tweet

I’ve searched for this type of training and website platform for years unsuccessfully until now and I wish I would’ve found this years ago. It would’ve saved me a lot of time and money. I truly believe SiteRubix is the best choice for anyone wanting to ensure a successful online business.

I love using SiteRubix and enjoy what I do because of it.  I’m able to hop onto my website back office and create content easily every time without frustration.  I’ve never been happier.

So what are you waiting for? Are you ready to create your laptop lifestyle?

======>>>> Create Your Free Website Using The Best Online Website Builder. Click Here!


My desire is to inform you with the most honest and accurate information possible to assist you with making a decision that is best for you. Do you now have a better understanding of SiteRubix and how it can be the best investment you’ve made?

If you have any questions or comments place them in the comments section and I’ll be happy to respond promptly. What is your passion or goals? I’d love to hear about it.



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      Hey Otaku, Glad I could help. Wealthy Affiliate definitely is the best affiliate training and blogging platform hands down. Nothing out there compares.

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